Describe a street market in your city

Describe a street market in your city

Describe a street market in your city


Describe a street market in your city.

Where it is?

What can you buy there?

What is it famous for?

How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer 1 for the Cue Card“Describe a street market in your city

Sample Answer 1


  • My city has dwellers from all walks of life.
  • To take care of the buying needs of the residents of the city numerous street markets are available.

Where it is?

  • The best street market is in the middle of the city.
  • The name of this market is City Centre.

What can you buy there?, and What is it famous for?

  • Although different products and services are available in this market, it is famous for clothing and home decor products.
  • Apart from this, there are divergent food stalls that serve mouth-watering delicacies to pamper the appetite of the visitors.

How do you feel about it?

  • Being a student, I always have a tight budget.
  • That is why this market is the best place for me to buy things.
  • There is no denying this conviction that goods are available at a higher cost in big shopping malls.
  • Whereas this market provides the best of the goods at throwaway prices.
  • For example last month I purchased a pair of shoes at a 70 per cent discount on the maximum retail price.
  • Such type of heavy discount is not available at other markets.
  • Furthermore, this place is a blessing for the weaker section of society. 
  • Because it provides job to almost one thousand people who have a humble background.
  • Moreover, whenever I feel like tasting good food, I visit this place.
  • Because you get to eat so many food items at a reasonable cost.
  • We all friends usually celebrate our achievements at the food court of this market.
  • Rich people go to shopping malls for shopping.
  • For other classes, this place is a must-visit.

Sample Answer 2 for “Describe a street market in your city

Sample Answer 2


  • As per my belief, shopping is an effective way to break the monotony in life.
  • People have this habit of shopping at various places like big shopping malls, showrooms and roadside or street markets.
  • Affluent people these days choose to shop in the malls, whereas young people and people living in destitute go shopping to nearby markets preferably the street markets.

Where is it?

  • Its name is Palika Bazar and it at 200 metres distance from my home
  • The unique thing about this market is that it is open seven days a week
  • The other good point is that it is in the heart of the city.
  • A large number of vendors are there to provide a variety of goods and services.

What can you buy there?

  • Numerous things are there to purchase like clothing, study material, kitchen accessories, mobile phone accessories and general use products.
  • It is a must-visit place for kids because they get a wide range of toys at affordable prices from here.
  • On few occasions, local artists perform at the entry gate of the market to woo the audience.
  • Apart from this, a large variety of cuisines ranging from Indian, Thai, Chinese and Oriental is available for people to exercise their taste buds.
  • Due to stringent yardsticks adopted by the market association, the food served over here is not only delicious but also hygienic.

What is it famous for?

  • It is famous for its reasonably priced goods and services

How do you feel about it?

  • For me, this market is a place that has made my life quite easier.
  • Hence, I suggest such type of markets must be there in all the cities.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a street market in your city”.

1. Do you like shopping online or going out shopping?

Being a working person, I usually remain occupied with work. That’s why I prefer to do online shopping. Moreover, the world is suffering from Corona Pandemic these days. So, it’s worthwhile to shop online to avoid social interaction. Apart from this, I have very good terms with the local vendors of my area, so I get very good customer service from them. That is why I have this tendency to do offline shoppingg.

2. What is the difference between shopping with friends and shopping alone?

When we shop alone, the central focus is more on shopping, Whereas, while shopping with friends, we engage in other activities too like eating, enjoying rides and playing games. Moreover, shopping in the absence of friends could be a boring activity to do. Therefore, going with your friends for shopping is a prudent approach.

3. What are the disadvantages of shopping in a big mall?

The biggest drawback is that the products and services are overpriced as compared to local shops. Because the shops inside the malls pay hefty rents, and they have to do a lot of investment in infrastructure. Ultimately they recover all these costs from their customers, by raising the prices of products. Apart from this, usually, these malls are on the outskirts of the city. So quality time goes to waste while visiting these big malls.

4. Why do people like to buy branded products?

People buy branded products because a large section of society believes that branded products are more durable, safe and long-lasting as compared to the local products. Big brands do a lot of research in improving the quality of their products. Moreover, in case of any issue their customer care team helps you to rectify the problem

5. In your opinion are big discounts real or just an advertisement?

Huge discounts are real in most cases because they usually come because of of-season or change in demand. For example, at the end of the summer season, most of the clothing companies offer discounts of as high as 70 per cent on their garments. Similarly, mobile companies too, offer a huge discount on their old phones whenever they come out with a new model of the same phone.

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